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Unique Leveraging Platform For E-Commerce Entrepreneurs
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  • Do you have a great idea?

  • Do you think your product is the next BIG trend?

  • You already sell, but the results you get don’t match the potential of your product?

  • Are you ready to go global?

Great! We are here to help you achieve your goals!
We leverage entrepreneurs just like yourself to the next level
Be your idea CEO. Enjoy our platform & experience. YOU are the brain, We the arms & legs

Who We Are?

A global leveraging platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs.
As American & European firms, we have the facilities to help you start, VATs, and the experience you need to go global.

Barak Joseph

Barak is a long-time seller with almost any E-commerce platform; he has vast on-hand experience with the needs of e-seller as well as their expectations. Barak is the co-founder and responsible for the U.S. site and the Influencers marketing unit.

Ronnen Avny

Ronnen has vast experience in combining Technology and Logistic, as he just retired from the IDF as a Lieutenant Colonel, after more than 20 years as a Development Project Manager. Ronnen is responsible for the Israeli site operation, and for achieving the Firm's goals.

What We Can Do?

Full product development, manufacturing, closing a global supply chain.
We own fulfillment centers and warehouses in China, Hungary, and the US.
Our dedicated marketing team, A-Z, take your brand global in every market and language!
We will build together the strategy, which we will divide into converting tactics.

If you qualify, you will get 100% finance to sky-rocket your dreams internationally!

E-Commerce entrepreneurs, leaders,
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