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Benefits of Outsourcing Order Fulfillment Upgraded Technology

Upgraded Technology

In the early stages of your business, you might’ve been keeping track of your inventory manually, perhaps by using a spreadsheet and tallying sales yourself. However, as you scale, it’s imperative to revamp your software (or lack thereof). Customer information, tracking numbers, and the like just become too much for pen and paper. Not to mention, sticking to the old school route inevitably increases the chance for human error. Not good! A savvy fulfillment center will have it covered when it comes to technology. Ideally, inventory, order, and warehouse management will be bundled together to promote a seamless, user-friendly experience. In fact, you’ll find that a boost in technology will make you wonder how you even got by before!

Happier Customers

There are many ways to keep customers happy, such as delivering their orders accurately and on time. The Flaship global fulfillment service makes that all the more likely to happen, which means you’re halfway there when it comes to customer satisfaction!

Of course, stuff happens. Delays, returns, and cancellations can all put a real damper on things. Still, the silver lining is that these challenges give you a chance to make a lasting, positive impression on your customers. 3PLs can help with that by providing a wealth of information at your fingertips, which you can then pass on to your shoppers. Also, because of the technology we mentioned earlier, you can easily make order adjustments and handle returns — no stress included!

There you have it, folks! If you knew outsourcing was the imminent path for your business but weren't quite sure what the full benefits were, we hope we could clear up your questions and doubts! And, with that, we send you off to the next step of your eCommerce journey.

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