Updated: Mar 18

Mistakes, everyone makes them. However what good is a mistake if you don't learn from it?

Common mistakes businesses make and learn how they can harm conversions. The advent of eCommerce has also given entrepreneurs great business ideas to launch several different eCommerce endeavors. Here are some small business mistakes that many businesses make when they start. Use this to your greatest advantage and learn from their mistakes.

Website Security

17% of online shoppers say they've abandoned their cart because they didn't trust the website with their credit card information. Customers need this reassurance to trust that the website is secure and will protect their sensitive data. You can display trust badgers from different payment gateways (such as Visa and PayPal) to boost buyer confidence.

Checkout Process

A complicated checkout process is another common mistake entrepreneurs make. Nowadays people go for the short and simple approach. Many eCommerce stores see abandoned carts. A good conversion strategy is to remove any unnecessary fields, allow multiple checkout and payment options, and ensure shipping and duty costs are displayed.


Technical SEO errors, such as links to non-existent pages or duplicate versions of the same pages, will hurt your eCommerce strategy. Fix this common mistake and drive more organic search engine traffic to your site by implementing a good SEO strategy. Create unique content for your product pages, bix broken links, and conduct a site audit to identify any other potential problems.

Customer Service

Like the famous saying, "When the customer comes first the customer will last." Customer service is characterized by addressing your buyers' complaints and responding to their questions or comments on your website, social media pages. Common mistakes entrepreneurs make can cost them their existing customers, create bad reviews, and make it challenging to acquire new customers...

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