New research shows us how important influencer marketing is. Businesses can capitalize on the opportunities influencer marketing holds, but only if they approach it strategically. Nowadays, young people between ages 18-34 prefer to receive information about a brand on social media.

1. Make an Action Plan

An influencer marketing campaign requires a solid plan and stay on a budget..

Steps You Need to Meet Your Goals

To hold your team accountable, be sure to create a timeline of when specific steps need to be completed and detail the steps you need to take to make it possible.

Review Your Budget

How much will you need to pay for influencers to sponsor your content?

Typically spend $5,000 or less on influencer campaigns but can spend more than $100,000.Set a budget for your campaign and negotiate costs with the influencer you choose to represent your brand.

Right Social Media Platform

The one you choose for your influencer marketing campaign should not be chosen a random basis, but on your target audience, demographics, and the nature of the campaign. Knowing who your audience is, what platform they use, you can better plan your influencer campaign to resonate with your target audience.

2. Search Your Influencer

Select your platform, determine your budget, and you need to find the right influencer for your brand. You can also search hashtags to see who promotes content similar to yours.

3. Collaborate to target Influencers

State your goals, how much you’re willing to offer, and what would be expected of them. Identified a shortlist of influencers you would like to recruit for your campaign. Always be sure the person is the right fit for you and your business.