• Matt Grey

Discovering warehouse Space for Lease

E-commerce Fulfillment List:

Are you looking for your ideal warehouse space?

There’s still a lot of options available on the market. I’ll keep it real with you. Keep this in mind as you go through the process, so you don’t dismiss good options. There’s a lot of things to look for when finding the right space, so let’s get started.

Space Size

Based on how large your items are, how many unique SKUs you carry, and the quantity you keep in stock of each, you must figure out how much space you need. I recommend keeping your range close to what you want.


It’s important to ensure you’re looking for space in an area with low crime rates.I think places that are close to major highways and close to the transit system are the best. This way, people who drive can get there fast, and it’s also accessible for those that take the bus/train.

Rent Rate

The rent rate is important, but I’ve noticed that prices are pretty similar across the board. Generally, you’ll be paying within market-rate This is a good thing because it means that even when you’re paying a higher rate, you’re not too far off the median rate.

When is it available?

Some landlords start searching for new tenants before their current tenant’s lease expires. This can be good if your need isn’t immediate. Asides from the ability to evaluate all options correctly, it also gives you additional planning time.

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