If you want to rank high in search, you need to develop content that embraces Search Intent.Having the right keywords on your website is one of the main ways for search engines and visitors to find you.SEO has expanded to more than keywords.

What Is Search Intent?

Search intent (or user intent, audience intent) is the term used to describe the purpose of an online search. It's the reason why someone conducts a specific search.

Types of Search Intent

  • Informational intent-lots of searches on the internet are done by people looking for information.

  • Navigational intent-People with this intent want to visit a specific website. For example, people who search for [Facebook] are usually on their way to the Facebook website.

  • Transactional intent-People are searching with transactional intent when their purpose is to buy something.

  • Commercial investigation-Some people have the intention to buy in the (near) future and use the web to do their research.

Optimize Your Site For Search Intent

Your Keywords

It is very important that you continually look at your main keywords and make sure that they have remained relevant.Create some new posts, update current pages, or add additional pages with the new relevant keywords so that you can anticipate what people are looking for when they seek your product or service.

Visit Other Top Ranking Sites

Research is your best friend when it comes to search engine optimization, and it should be conducted at least every other month.Search engines continue to develop ways to get the most reliable information to their users, which means that SEO practices also continue to change.Think of the searches you conduct and what responses you anticipate after you click "search."

Optimize Your Content

Search intent optimization is all about providing your target audience,the faster your content answers the users' query and satisfies their demand, the higher the chances they will scroll down the page instead of moving on to your competitors' site.

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