Updated: Mar 18

Everything you need to know to make returns and refunds a pleasant process for your customers and show you exactly why a solid return policy can increase both your conversions and your revenue.

Setting Expectations

Your first step to success with handling refunds and returns is setting clear expectations for anybody who lands at your store. Exact refund and return policies are super important for your customers in their shopping journey.

Dropshippers Are Affected By Returns

If you're not handling or shipping any of your products yourself, the concept of accepting returns for them might sound confusing. Your customers likely don't know that your dropshipping. Dropshipping business model isn't an excuse to shirk away from taking refunds or returns.

Dropshippers Should Offer Returns

It more immense shame if their shopping experience with your store was spoiled because they couldn't return their product. They could go on to become superfans of your brand, so it's in your best interest to treat them well.

Refunds Without Returns

You can offer refunds without needing your customers to return their products, and it can work out for both parties. Ask your customer if they'd like a brand new product instead of a refund.

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