Updated: Mar 18

Here is a quick guide on how you get started Drop Shipping right away.

Dropshipping and how does it work

Dropshipping is a streamlined retail business model where the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. Starting a dropshipping business is easy. You just need an online platform where you can display all your products here and receive orders from your customers as well.

Without worrying about searching for location, decorating your shop, holding a grand opening, and thousands of other things since you are running your shop online.

1. Starting a dropshipping business

Look for a niche for your business. Consider choosing a niche that matches your passion and also can bring profit to you, what you will do even if you cannot make any money from it. Anything pops up in our mind now. You can call it your passion.

Research your competitors. Knowing your competitors means 50% success. You can do this by skimming trending keywords connected to your business. Having a track of your competitors is essential for you to determine your strategies and whether or not you stand a chance to be them.

2. Dropship supplier for your dropshipping business

After deciding your niche and what you will sell, go through various directories online to choose your dropshipping suppliers. Be sure those suppliers can drop ship to you.

3. Develop a platform for dropshipping

Marketplace: This is the fastest way to start your Dropshipping business. Dropshipping on a marketplace has both good and bad sides.For beginners with simple registration is largely exposed to buyers since those online platforms get a huge number of traffic.

4. Strategy to gain high conversion rate

You can increase conversion by following simple techniques:

  • High-Quality Images

  • Product Description

  • Promotion on shipping

  • Review your websites

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