Updated: Mar 18

Everyone's going digital these days, people are opting to be their bosses, and the internet has helped boost this trend. As a new business owner, you'll be juggling marketing, customer service, tech, and administrative duties all at once.

Good website

A good website is usually defined as user-friendly, fast loading, and responsive. New business owners underestimate the benefits of a good website.30% of mobile shoppers are likely to abandon their shopping carts if the experience is not optimized for mobile? If your site isn't optimized for both web and mobile, you're likely to lose out on Google's organic search rankings.

Strategic marketing plan

The best way to save costs on your eCommerce business is to use 'free' marketing platforms. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook are great avenues to build your brand. Different audience segmentation and keeping track of your return of investments (ROI) on ad campaigns can help cut costs on low-performing ad campaigns and help your business focus on profit-generating marketing efforts.

Partners and collaborators

Relationships with similar brands or companies can be a great way to reduce marketing costs. Consider collaborating with other clothing or accessory brands to feature each other's pieces. Leveraging on the customer base of similar brands increases the reach of your products for a lower cost.

Customer loyalty

Existing customers cost way less than trying to appeal to a new one. It's important to retain customer loyalty. Customer loyalty can also help to build your presence on social media.

Effective packaging

The packaging is also part of branding, but packaging an item can lead to extra costs. For eCommerce businesses to 'save costs' by using the most affordable option. The excess material you could've saved on over the months could add up to hundreds of dollars over a year.

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