How to open account?

Just send us your details, and the account will be open immediatly, with no cost

what are the cost of the services?

In order to make the work simple, we charge only for storage. The shipment cost is exactly as the carrier charge.
Also we provide extra sevices, such inspection, finance and more.

Do you have customer services?

Yes! Sure. We have this service also to our customers, and also to your customers.

When the shipment will arrive?

If you will use our China warehouse it will arrive in 20-35 days, If you will use our USA or Israeli warehouse it will arrive in 5-10 days.

What is the meaning of finance?

We can help you to finance your business, while share the cost of buying goods from you supplier. Contact us for more details.

How to contact the customer service?

You can contact us at: mail - tel - +1-831-250-9445

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